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Player BOS OVPDC 2015

Player's Health

D.O.B - October 13, 2012

OFA Hips- Good GSE-5197G32M-VPI

OFA Elbows - Normal GSE-EL823M32-VPI

OFA Patellar Luxation - Normal - GSE-PA28/13M/P-VPI

OFA Dentition - Full, Scissor bite - GSE-DE17/13M-VPI

OFA Thyroid - Normal- GSE-TH125/13M-VPI

OFA - RCD4 - Clear - GSE-P4-220/12M-VPI

OFA - Eyes -  GSE-EYE86/17M-VPI

Cerebellar Degeneration - Clear- CG14-00034

AKC DNA Profile - V718340

Player's OFA Page

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Player was bred by Triseter Kennels (Australia) and is owned by Alistair Sutherland and co-owned by breeders, Esther Joseph and Jason Moore. 

Player arrived in Canada from Australia in September 2012 at 11 months of age.   A week later, he had a major win at Wine Country in the United States going BOB over Specials and has had many lovley wins since. 

Player finished his Canadian Championship in August 2014 by going BOB over specials at the Ottawa Valley Pointing Dog Club Specialty show and repeated the performance in the all breed show the following day.

Player was #1 Gordon Setter in Canada for Gordon Setters defeated in 2014 and 4th overall with limited showing.

Winner of the Ottawa Valley Pointing Dog Club Versatility Award in 2015 after a Specialty BOS win, High Score and Title in Rally Novice and Highest Score by a Setter in the feld tes and 2nd all breeds in field test on the same weekend.  This boy can do it all!

Player finished his American Championship in the US with 4 major wins.  Finishing by going Best of Winners at the Mid Atlantic Specialty in September 2015.

Player completed his final leg of AKC Master Hunter on February 20, 2016 under the expert training and handling of Janie Bristow in North Carolina. 

We are very excited about this young dog who has all of his health clearances and the most wonderful temperament you could ask for.  Thank you to Esther Joseph, Michael Looby and Jason Moore for sharing this wonderful boy.

Now a multiple specialty Best of Breed winner, Grand Champion, Master Hunter, Rally Novice titled and having fun in agility,  Player continues to be up for whatever comes his way!

Spring 2016 will bring a focus on Field Dog Excellent tests here in Canada and growing coat after all of his fieldwork before coming out as a special in Canada and specialties in the US.

© Alistair Sutherland 2014